Season: May-September


 Full Day Rockfish : $280.00 pp + Taxes and Fees*

Half Day Rockfish: $180.00 pp + Taxes and Fees*

Half Day Rockfish trips are great for kids! We take you to the outskirts of Resurrection Bay and beyond in search of the fast and furious bite of the Rockfish. There are several species of Rockfish in Alaska’s waters including the well sought after Yelloweye Rockfish aka “Red Snapper.”

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These Apex Predators are the Tasty Titans of the Seas! Season Opens July 1st. Must be 36 or more inches to retain. Can be incidentally catch or targeted in rocky pinnacles or by drifting. Our favorite methods is fishing light tackle for rockfish. The largest Lingcod ever caught in Alaska was over 80 lbs!

*Prices are per person and are subject to change. Prices based on a minimum of 4 people booking. 
Total price will include harbor fees and taxes; $3.50 Harbor Fee pp + 7% Sales Tax.

Last Updated 4-11-16


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