New! 2016 Halibut Regulations & Closures

New Regs for Charter Halibut Anglers

Each Year, the International Pacific Halibut Commission and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration propose and accept Pacific Halibut limits for United States. This year’s changes are as follows:

  • Two Fish per day, 4 in possession
  • 28″ max length for one fish, carcass must be retained if filleted at sea
  • One trip per day
  • 4-fish annual limit, Written Record
  • Wednesday Closure


This guide summarizes regulations for charter halibut fisheries in Alaska. If you are required to comply with the regulations, you should consult and rely on the actual regulatory text. Please refer to the annual management measures and regulations under 50 CFR 300 or contact NMFS at 907-586-7228 or 907-586-7225. Links to the complete regulations and other information are available on the NMFS Alaska Region website at
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