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So you would like to get away? To Alaska?! North to the adventures beyond and stuff of reality TV legends. As many people flock to meet Sig and his crew or simply decide to embark on a voyage of the aquatic cruise type, we at LeSea Charters encourage you to get the inside scoop. Several seasonal flights drop in price or even exist simply because the tourist season picks up. Frontier Airlines, jetBlue and newcomer Virgin Airlines all have relatively cheap flights to the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Frontier is offering trips from Denver to Anchorage, Alaska direct. jetBlue started a  seasonal route from Long Beach, CA to Anchorage. And Virgin just announced this year they are offering flights from San Francisco, CA to the ever incoming hub Anchorage, AK.  The always faithful Alaska Airlines does have a few incentives for tourist, especially for those returning travelers who redeem their mileage awards or utilize their companion tickets, Always nice to have a friend with an Alaska Airlines Visa card. (I must admit I’m a fan of that one!)

Several other airlines, including United Airlines and USAirways, are offering some sweet flight deals. Whoever your carrier, make sure to utilize your reward or mileage points. Check to see if your points are transferable or you can trade for more!  Alaska Airlines also gives the feature to purchase mileage but beware purchase or transfer fees if getting miles from a friend.

I’m in Anchorage, now what?

There are several rental car companies that are already at the airport to choose from or local offices in Anchorage. Avis is having a special from April – May, 2013. Scheduling in advance and with a program or discount code can save you money. If you want to be thrifty you can take advantage of hotel shuttles and public transportation systems. Seward has a bus line that will pick up in Anchorage if you’re determined not to rent a car. The train with Alaska Railroad is a wonderful travel option to venture south as well but only does (southbound) trips to Portage, Whittier and Seward. If you want to see the rest of the Kenai Peninsula you will have to take a shuttle van service or use the Hertz car rental in Seward.

So if you really want to get away to the Great AK, start your planning now!

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