9th Annual Combat Fishing Tournament

9th Armed Services Combat Fishing Crew

9th Armed Services Combat Fishing Crew

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

SEWARD, AK – The day got underway with the entourage of troops. The vehicles shuttled into the sleepy fishing town of Seward, Alaska and idled to the harbor. The police escorts rolled along with the group of buses hauling excited men and women. For the 9th straight year, the Armed Services YMCA hosted the Combat Fishing Tournament. Alaskan stationed military were invited to this one day event where an exclusive fishing tournament is held in their honor. The day started early, 5am, once boots were on the ground. Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors alike were divided up onto boats. Each vessel’s captain and crew donated their time to the event.


For one sailor in particular, Nick S., it was especially different. His trip to Alaska was originally planned to attend a funeral and visit another relative in the hospital. After 3 funerals, 2 unexpected, his spirits were pretty low. A member of LeSea Charters suggested to try and sign up for the trip. After the same week sign up, he was able to come along for a trip of lifetime. There were limits of halibut for all and a great sense of fellowship onboard. Our Captain Dewayne served in the US Navy many years ago but has always had a heart for the ocean and the people who stand watch for us on her seas.

We at LeSea Charters are thankful and extremely proud of our Service men and woman and appreciate being able to participate in this incredible event.  It is all we can do to show are gratitude by hosting the incredible individuals who serve our Nation.

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If you would like to donate to the Armed Services YMCA you can do so here:

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